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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TFD900 (working steadily in strong magnetic environment)

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The TFD900 is an ultra-light handy UT instrument of outstanding performance. Compatible with EN12668-1:2010,
This instrument is mounted with TG TFT display of full WVGA (800×480) resolution for excelling visibility even used outdoors or in strong sunlight. Another amazing feature of this product is the “square wave drive” which realizes the user’s dream for best sensitivity and resolution. Moreover, it’s compatible with EN12668-1:2010, the popular instrumentation standards widely recognized in European and even the international market. Weighing only 0.9kg, this apparatus enables the user to carry it just like an on-hand tool for instant inspection task. All these distinct advantages make it superior as compared to its counterparts.

Highlights of TFD900
☆ Curved Surface Consideration
☆ DGS & DAC functional Curve
☆ RF Waveforming Mode
☆ Recording (1 Hour in Total)
☆ Echo Crest Tracking
☆ Enveloping (for Waveform Comparison)
☆ AWS D1.1 Evaluation Module
☆ API 5UE Evaluation Module
☆ Performance Indices Test
☆ 1000 Frames of A-scan Storage
☆ ComApp for PC Review and Report Print
☆ 0.9kg in Weight

NDT certificate

·Circuitry of advanced design and sampling frequency up to 640MHz ensure instant and accurate display and analysis of flaw signals even when they’re weak.
·State-of-the-art square wave drive technique
·Weighing only 0.9kg, convenient for operation and taking it along
·TG, full WVGA TFT display
·8+ hour battery life promises consecutive working, inbuilt smart-type battery charger, auto-switching between the status of charging and that of powering.
·External USB port for software upgrading, data transferring and printing, graftable to mouse,
keyboard and USB disc.
·EN12668:2000 compatible



Attenuator Error Per 12dB ±1dB
Equivalent Input Noise <80×10-9 V/√HZ^
Pulse Type -ve square wave, Tv: 25~250V ; tunable with 25V per step
Working Modes T\R ; T&R
Damping 400\80 Ohm
Working Frequency W\N Band, W: 0.5~20MHz; N: 1.5~3MHz
Gain 0.0~110.0dB; 0.1\1.0\2.0\6.0 dB per step; smart speed-up at 0.1dB
Material Velocity 1000~15000m/s tunable; preset 30 frequently-used Vs optional
Display Reachable 0.0~10000mm LW at steel velocity tunable with min 0.1mm perstep
Rectification Positive, Negative, Full, RF (1002plus)
 Gate & Alarm Dual gates, hardware driving real-time alarming;Alarming condition: excess\loss\ DAC;    Alarm mode: sound ;
Spotting: peak
Display TG, TFT 5.6 inch WVGA color display, resolution 800×480
Pulse Shift Range -7.5~3000μs
Probe Delay Available 0~999.9μs
PRF 25~800Hz, auto adaptation
Vertical Linearity Error ≤3%
Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.2%
Sensitivity Surplus ≥60dB (200Φ2 FBH)
Discernibility ≥36dB (mated with 5MHzΦ14 transducer)
Dynamic Range ≥32dB
Rejection (0~90) %, without any dent to linearity or gain
NL <10%
Ports BNC probe connector
Power Supply Large-capacity Li battery without memory effect; battery life: 8+hrs;
In-built battery charger (independent charger optional); AC: 220V
Dust\Splash\Water Proof IP54
UT Standards Compatible with EN12668-1
Meets JB/T 10061-1999
Ambient Temperature -30~50℃
Relative Humidity 20%~95%
Weight Around 0.9kg (with battery & in-built charger)
Dimension Upper Part: 215mm×126mm×53mm
Lower Part: 215mm×104mm×42mm


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