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TMD-301 Portable Eddy-current Detector

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TMD-301 Portable Eddy-current Detector
TMD-301 is a portable electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge, which can measure the thickness of any metal or magnetic material without coupling agent or with non-contact mode, pushed out latest by TMTeck Instrument Co., Ltd.


Product Intro
TMD-301 portable eddy-current detector is an eddy-current detecting device/apparatus with adoption of eddy-current, digital electronics and microcomputer techniques. This apparatus is developed with the function of displaying eddy-current impedance ichnography. Its detection frequency ranges from 50Hz-10MHz, which makes it possible to meet the requirements of detecting various metals. It is excellent in performance and lowly consuming in power, with 6 hours of battery life in non-stop service.
●TMD-301 is developed to be used in flaw detection, thickness gauging and electric conductivity testing, with employment of the newest digital eddy-current configuration technique.
●Easy operation panel and an all-purpose knob.
●TMD-301 is suitable for detection on various metals and industrial fragments. Flaws like cracks on welds, folds, scars, caves, cracks, scratches, and transversal rends or separates on copper pipe, seamless steal pipe and stainless steal pipe can all be detected by high sensitivity.
●Extra functions such as coating thickness gauging and electric conductivity testing are available for customization

Frequency Range 50Hz10MHz
Voltage Drive 8 levels tunable
Manual Phase Shift Range 359°step 1°
Gain 080dBstep 0.5dB
Sampling Frequency 40MHz, 12-bit data acquisition
Wave Filter Digital Filter
Alarming Phase Alarming (Defined Available Alarming Area: A,B,C)
Probe type Reflective, Differential, and Absolute
Display Mode Impedance ichnography / Time-base
Balance Mode Digital
Display 5.7′ 640×480 colorful TFT screen, a fine display to detail
Storage For images or settings and replay
Communication USB comm port (suitable for PC)
In-set Power supply large battery capacity in service of 6 hours without cut-off
Outsourced Power supply DC 12V, DC 12V (through power adapter)
Dimensioon 166mm×246mm×47mm
Weight ≤1.5kg

NDT certificate


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