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Digital Ferrite Meter TMF110

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1. Preface
In the chemical industry the stress-bearing members of containers,pipes,reactor vessels and other plant are usually made of austenitic steel or duplex steel or cladding of austenitic chromium-nickel steel.The residual ferrite content must be within a specific range compatible with the mechanical strength requirements or the item concerned.
The TMF110 was developed to facilitate accurate ferrite content measurements on welded seams and cladding items. It gives results that match for the standards of GB/T1954-2008,ISO 8249 and ANSI/AWSA4.2.

NDT certificate

2. Feature
Two display modes (SAVE and FREE).
Two units — Fe% and FN (WRC number).
Statistics display together with measurements.
Built-in Rs-232 interface for printer(Option if need)


3. Technical Data
The meter is mainly used for the determination of the ferrite content of welded austenitic steel or Duplex or cladding of austenitic chromium-nickel steel weld.

Type TMF110
Probe TMF-11.0a
Range 0.1~80þ, (0.1~110) WRC-number
Precision +-2 %( raneg0.1~30þ), +- 3 %( raneg30~80% Fe)


5 ~ 40
Batteries 9v 6F22


LX WX H 175 *100* 38mm
Accessories Carrying-case, Operating Manual


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